Install windows 7 or Vista Install using the flash is very easy to do. Many laptop or notebook with an optical cd room easily damaged or cd room with a weak optical.understanding here is not only optical netbook just do not even have a cd room but we can replace both the operating system Linux, windows xp, vista or windows 7 by using the flash as medianya.untuk install linux with flash or how to install windows xp via flash

while to install vista or windows 7 via the flash can be performed with several commands,
How to install Windows 7 or Windows Vista as follows:
Required / Requirements:
* USB Flash Drive / flahsdisk (Minimum 4GB)
* Vista installation files or windows 7
* Computer or laptop already installed windows vista
1. install flash on your pc
2. open a command prompt (in Vista), click -> start menu => Run then typing cmd and hit enter
3. typing the following commands in sequence
• FORMAT FS = NTFS (Wait until the formatting is complete)
Do not close the command prompt window, after the command input is complete Vista installation DVD, or if you have the ISO file you can create a virtual drive using an application like Nero Image Drive or daemontools this way, more quickly and efficiently.
Open or maksimize commandpromt earlier, this time we assume that your DVD drive is on drive E: \ whereas the location of your flash is on Drive H: \
Enter the following command at the command prompt window that was the beginning we use
E: BOOT CD and enter
Remember because the drive E: \ is the DVD drive. (Adjust the location of your DVD Drive),
then type the following command:
BOOT CD and then enter,
then type the following command
Bootsect.exe / NT60 H:
then enter, remember, Drive H: \ is the location of your USB, adjust the location of your USB.
After all process is finished …
Now you just copy – paste all the files in the USB flash drive into your DVD.
if the process from beginning to the last is done properly it is time to install windows vista or windows 7 using the flash.
Restart your computer, then enter the bios (basic input output system) and then on the first boot select your flash as firstboot. and do installas install vista or windows 7 as usual.
So … Hopefully Helpful!


4. insert the installer DVD into the DVD Rom. Or extract the contents of the installer ISO file to a folder, eg c: \ Win7
5. reopen the command prompt window
6. type the command: xcopy f: *.* / s / e / f g:
(Where f: is a DVD Rom drive, and g: is the location of the flash drive)
If the installer it from an ISO file, the command is replaced: xcopy c: \ Win7 \ *.* / s / e / fg:
(Where c: \ Win7 is the folder where you extract the ISO file)
7. wait until the process is complete .. copy files after the flash is ready for use
8. plug the stick into the netbook / laptop / pc will be installed. Make sure they will boot from the flash (if not, go into the BIOS settings, change the first boot priority order from a USB flash)
9. Furthermore, just follow the installation instructions on the screen.


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