Ziddu is a website that provides online data storage facility in a large capacity. The purpose of the site is to provide storage facilities in the form of Data, Audio, Video, Images to be in sharing or distributed to others wherever he is while he’s online on the Internet.

How to store your files is very easy to live to upload the file by unit (single file) or mass (Multiple Files).
Ziddu is a website sharing service providers such as depositefiles. But unlike depositefiles which provides facilities to upload or save files, Ziddumemberikan several other facilities such as making friends, sharing, and getting money.
With the motto Upload-Share-Earn ziddu site provides a new breakthrough for those of you who like to save a file the internet.
Ziddu features that are not owned by the website file sharing service provider is ziddumemberikan space or disk space is not limited in number and all the facilities provided by ziddusemuanya free without having to buy a premium account.
Some of the facilities offered and is the mainstay of ziddu are:

Various management tools such as ‘Photo Album’ and ‘Slide View’ to share!
Flexibility making video library and Audiountuk sharing!
Offers all free accounts! Not the Premium account!
Besides downloading, you can see the File Photo / watch videos / listen audio directly / online without having you download from Ziddu.
Thank download parallel! no waiting!

Is there a limit on file upload in
NO! Ziddu is different, they do not give a small limit for us, the maximum file size that can be uploaded is 200 MB, a very large size in my opinion, and there is no limit on the amount of file storage capacity.
What are the benefits if we keep our files in
The advantage of storing files using Ziddu.comadalah Free (no charge) and most free file storage services provided to our limits for uploading files, usually within a maximum file size or file storage capacity.
Even more interesting, we actually get paid when there are other people who download the files that we store in Ziddu. We’ll get paid $ 0001 each time we file is downloaded to others or each unique IP. The commission can be withdrawn through paypal and Moneybookers after reaching a minimum of $ 10. For more details, as follows:
10,000 unique downloads: 10 usd
50,000 unique downloads: 50 usd
100,000 unique downloads: 100 usd
500,000 unique downloads: 500 usd
1 million unique downloads: 1000 usd
The more files that we upload to Ziddu the more likely we get $.
The more popular a file that we upload the more people will download it, the more automated it is also $ $.
Try our calculations:
¨ Assume the number of files in Ziddu: 100 files
¨ Assume the number of downloads per day per file: 100 (1 file 1 download).
· Total number of files to download: 100 x 100 file download = 10,000 files
¨ The number of commissions earned per day: $ 0001 x 10,000 = $ 10/hari
¨ The number of referrals per day: 5orang = $ 0.1 x 5 = 0.5
================================================== ===
Total fees per month:
¨ Commission for download: $ 10 x 30 days = $ 300
¨ Referral Commission: $ 0.1 x 5 x 30 days = $ 15
================================================== ===
Total Revenue $ 315/bulan
================================================== ===

How is How to Upload Files in
First you must register in advance HERE

then if there could be a confirmation reply via ym blm


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