Must Prepared:
1. A computer equipped with an optical drive (CD or DVD) and USB ports that can work well.
2. A USB flash disk capacity of 1 or 2 GB.
3. Windows XP installation CD.
4. Application installation module maker (USB_PREP8 and PEtoUSB) which can be downloaded free of charge GOES HERE
5. Prayer and courage!
Preparation Steps :

1. Plug in a USB flash disk into any USB port. Remember the drive position. Is F:, G:, H:, and so forth.

2. When you are in normal position (desktop), insert the Windows XP installation CD into the optical drive. If the computer running the installation process automatically, cancel it and close all applications being run.

3. Download and extract the application that the author gave. Advice writer, extract the entire contents to a folder, like C: \ USB.

4. Next, open the folder where you extract the application modules installation maker, this time we take the example C: \ USB.

5. Run the file named “usb_prep8.bat” then the screen will appear the Command Prompt window contains a variety of commands. If it appears the words “Press any key to continue,” press any key to confirm.

6. In the display window will appear asking you to format PEtoUSB USB flash disk. No need to change any settings, just click Start to begin the process of formatting. Answer the confirmation for your needs.

7. When finished, close the window PEtoUSB (do not close the Command Prompt window that was open when you run usb_prep8.bat), then the screen will display the options of 0 to 5.

8. Use option 1 to select the source installation files will be copied to flash disk. Here, specify the drive where you saved the installation of Windows XP. Just select the optical drive where the existing Windows XP CD in it, or select a folder of your choice if you have copied the Windows XP installation files to a specific folder.

9. Select option 3 to determine where you are striking the flash disk. If you are in the flash disk drive F:, then type F and press ENTER. If the drive G: then type G and press ENTER, and so on apply to other drives.

10. Then select option 4 to start the installation process modules that will be copied to flash disk automatically. Answer any confirmation that comes with Y or YES or OK or other forms of approval.

Done! Now you’re ready to flash disk used to install Windows XP! Please do the settings in your BIOS subnotebook, and select the Removeable Disk (or any other name) as the first medium that is executed when booting.

Given this kind of installation techniques are also available on the internet, you also can find it via search engines. Good luck …!


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